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5 Places You Need Smart Door Sensors in Your Home

People often don’t think about smart sensors, though they are an essential part of any home security system. If you do think about sensors, you probably only think about their use on exterior doors and windows. Sensors are extremely versatile and relatively affordable, so it’s always good to think of other ways to put smart sensors to use in your home.

1. Interior garage door.

Whether you have an attached garage or not, the interior door between your home and garage may not be monitored. Most people store valuable and sometimes dangerous tools and supplies in their garage. A sensor can help you make sure that your kids or any other unexpected visitors don’t get into any messes or dangerous situations. You’ll get a notification when the door is opened and you can investigate if needed.

2. Nursery door.

The nursery door is an interior door that could definitely benefit from a smart sensor, especially if your child is mobile. You’ll want to know if the door opens in the middle of the night or during nap time. With a sensor on the door you can set notifications on your phone.

3. Kids’/teens’ windows.

Your security consultant may not suggest putting sensors on any 2nd floor windows at first. Typically, burglars attempt to get through an easier way, like a ground floor window or door. If your children or teens have second floor bedrooms, however, putting smart sensors on their windows could help you out. This way they can’t sneak out windows as a stunt or an escape attempt that they’ve probably seen in a thousand movies. Plus, there might just be times you don’t want a window left open and you can see that from your smartphone too.

4. Restricted cabinet.

There may be some areas of your home that you don’t want to be easily accessible like a gun safe, medicine cabinet, wine fridge or home office. Anything with a door can have one of these sensors and can help you monitor access in the areas your most concerned about.

5. Freezer door.

This is a more specialized use of a smart sensor. If you have a problem with refrigerator or freezer door being left open, a sensor may help. It can waste a lot of energy to leave these devices open and can even let your food spoil, so setting up a notification when the door is left open could be helpful. You could also use a sensor on the fridge or cabinet as an accountability device if you’re trying to stop snacking at a certain time of day.

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