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3 Benefits of a Professionally Monitored Home Security System

Your home security system is like a body with many parts that work together. Your sensors are like hands and feet, your cameras are like eyes and organizing it all is your keypad, the brain. All those body parts can’t work the way they are supposed to without a heart. In a home security system, the heart is the monitoring center.

Guardian has two, U.S.-based monitoring centers that have proven their commitment to helping customers by earning Five Diamond Accreditation from The Monitoring Association. This is highly exceptional since less than 200 monitoring centers in the United States have been recognized as a Five Diamond Monitoring Center and fewer than one percent of the electronic security industry operates multiple monitoring centers that have all earned the Five Diamond accreditation.

Notifying Authorities

Your system on its own may make a sound when a potential burglar triggers it. It could even notify you through your smart phone, but without the monitoring center, you’re in charge of reaching out to the police and trying to get help. Your reaction may not be fast enough and there’s no guarantee that you’ll even notice there’s an issue if you’re away from home. Maybe the sound of your system going off will scare away a burglar or get the attention of your neighbor. Maybe you’ll get a notification and call fast enough for police to catch a burglar in the act. None of those factors are very reliable.

US-Based Monitoring Center

With a monitored home security system, you don’t have to worry about being responsible for alerting authorities. Whether you’re home or away, when your system goes off, it will notify our highly trained monitoring center employees who react in seconds no matter what time of day it is. Guardian’s monitoring center is highly certified and operates 24/7/365. Arming a monitored system can give you true peace of mind because you know that, at the heart of your system, are experts who are ready to help in an emergency.

Guardian’s monitoring center doesn’t just deal with burglary signals from home security system.

  • Monitored smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors allow the monitoring center to respond in an environmental emergency like a fire or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Medical alert pendants notify the monitoring center that medical first responders are needed.
  • Your home security panel can be used to send the monitoring center a panic signal in a variety of emergencies.

Not only will Guardian’s monitoring center trigger a response to notify emergency personnel in 30 seconds or less, but they also reach out to your emergency contacts so that the people you need to keep in the know are also notified quickly.

Make sure you have a system with a lot of heart. Choose Guardian!

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