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3 Home Improvement Decisions That You Have to Make

Owning a home comes with near constant opportunities for improvement. In fact, on average homeowners spent $5,157 on home improvement and repairs in 2016 according to Home Advisor’s 2017 True Cost survey. From new homeowners working to personalize their space to people working on fixing up their older homes, there’s no doubt that home improvements are an investment of time and money that is sometimes necessary.

1. Choosing the Right Home Remodeling Project

Sometimes your home improvement projects are necessary repairs that make themselves evident, like replacing a leaking roof. When choosing a project that isn’t a necessary repair, taking into consideration how a project will affect your life and your home’s value is important. Remodeling Magazine found the following projects had the highest return in value vs. cost of the project:

Highest Value Home Improvement Projects

From a survey conducted by the Farnsworth Group on behalf of Remodeling Magazine.

  1. Garage Door Replacement
  2. Manufactured Stone Veneer
  3. Deck Addition (wood)
  4. Minor Kitchen Remodel
  5. Siding Replacement
  6. Window Replacement (vinyl)
  7. Universal Design Bathroom
  8. Bathroom Remodel
  9. Window Replacement (Wood)
  10. Roofing Replacement

If you have budget for a project but you’re not sure what to tackle next, considering one of the above home improvements that add the most value. How a project will affect your home’s value can help you prioritize even if you aren’t looking to sell your home any time soon. Building your home’s value is always a good goal.

2. Deciding Between DIY or Hiring a Pro

Once you’ve chosen a project, you need to decide whether you are going to find a professional contractor or take a do-it-yourself approach. DIY home renovation is becoming an increasingly common choice.

Home Advisor’s 2017 True Cost survey found that only 40% of millennials always hire a professional for home improvement projects. This survey also found that millennials are increasingly concerned that professionals are overcharging them for projects.

Below are some questions to help you determine when to do it yourself and when it helps to hire a professional!

3. Staying Secure During Home Improvement Projects

If you are going to hire a professional to complete a home improvement project, you might be worried about having a stranger in your home. Aside from vetting the people you hire, a home security system can help you monitor the situation without adding a lot of extra work into your life. Even if you are at your home while contractors are working, video surveillance can allow you to use your smartphone to check in on the action without seeming too nosey.

skyybell-content-1If you have a smart lock, you can assign temporary codes to allow contractors to get in your home and to track when they do so. You can also be sure that someone doesn’t try to access your home when you haven’t authorized it.

Adding a home security system can be a home improvement project in itself. According to the 2017 Houzz & Home study, smart technology is an increasing priority for home renovators (up three percent from 2014 to 2016). Call 1-800-PROTECT to discuss how a smart home security system could add value to your home and help protect what matters most to you.

Managing Home Renovations with a Guardian Security System

If you have a Guardian security system, be cautious when undertaking home improvement projects in areas where you have home security devices placed. Contact us at 1-800-PROTECT to discuss moving your door and window sensors if you are undertaking door or window repairs or replacement.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure your service isn’t interrupted by any home improvement projects.

  1. Call 1-800-PROTECT to discuss a project that might affect your security equipment.
  2. If necessary, schedule a technician to move your devices at the appropriate point in your project so that you are sure everything is working as expected.
  3. If you attempt to move wireless security equipment yourself, test your system before and after.*

*Remember: Guardian cannot ensure that your system is working if you change or move installed devices on your own. If you have questions or concerns: Call 1-800-PROTECT.



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