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How to Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

The residents of homes with working smoke alarms fare better according to the National Fire Protection Association 2015 “Smoke Alarms in U.S. Home Fires” report, with the early warning reducing fatalities by 50 percent.

However, even if you have a Guardian monitored smoke alarm, it’s important to test it as you would any other smoke detector. Depending on battery type, official sources have different recommendations of how often to change your smoke detector batteries. The most proactive recommendation is to change your batteries along with daylight savings time changes twice a year.

If your Guardian smoke detector is hardwired, it may not require batteries or may have a back-up battery. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 1-800-PROTECT (1-800-776-8328) for more information.

Video Smoke Detector Battery Replacement Guide

How To Change Your Smoke or Heat Detector Battery

  1. Test the smoke/heat detector: After replacing the battery(ies), Guardian recommends testing the smoke detector to ensure it is working properly. Press the Test button for approximately 30 seconds, until the smoke detector beeps. This will ensure that the smoke detector is working properly. If the smoke detector does not have a Test button, locate the small pin-hole and insert a thin piece of metal with a point at one end (e.g. a pin or part of a paper clip). Hold in until the sensor beeps.
  2. Place your system on test: Before changing the battery, ensure the system is disarmed and go to Guardian’s Customer Care Website to place your system on Test Mode. Or you may contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-895-4805 to have your system placed on test.
    This ensures Guardian doesn’t accidentally dispatch the authorities to your home.
  3. Locate the smoke detector with the low battery(ies): Gently twist the smoke detector in a counter-clockwise motion, approximately a quarter turn, to release the cover.Once the cover is released, unhinge the cover and access the battery(ies). The keypad may emit a beeping tone to indicate that the cover has been removed.
  4. Install the new battery(ies): Remove the existing battery(ies). If two batteries are inside the smoke detector, both batteries must be replaced at the same time. After the old battery(ies) have been removed for 30 seconds, install the replacement battery(ies), paying attention to polarity – ensure that the positive (+) end of the battery matches the positive (+) symbol inside the smoke detector.Replace the smoke detector cover by locating the connection ridge. This ridge should line up with the groove or ridge on the outside ring of the device. Turn the cover in a clockwise motion until secured.
  5. Confirm the test signal was received before having your system removed from Test Mode.Visit Customer Care online or contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-895-4805 to have your system removed from Test Mode. 
  6. NOTE: Dispose of the old battery properly. Some areas may offer a battery recycling center. To find a recycling center near you visit Call2Recycle.Download these smoke alarm instructions in PDF format. 


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