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Home Security Helps Guardian Customers De-stress

When Guardian customer Carolyn B. moved from a rural area to a more suburban one, home security became a bigger concern. Read her 5-star review of her experience with Guardian and how it’s helping her feel better and less stressed in her daily life.

Why Home Security

“Before, when we were living on the farm, we never locked our doors. When we moved to a lake home  just outside the town, in Saint Cloud,  I felt a little nervous and  thought of getting a security system. A salesman from Guardian Protection Services came and he met my husband and explained things. Then I asked more questions, so the salesman came back and explained everything I needed to know then we signed up with them. Their offer was good and was worth it.”

Great Installation and Support

“The installation was great, too. The technician was a wonderful and very, very knowledgeable, nice young man and he explained everything to us. I would have no problem as well having him come back and do something else. Guardian does a monthly check and there was a time when they called and said that the system wasn’t reading right when they did their testing. My husband called back and asked to make an appointment. The guy said he would call back but he never did that, so we were wondering what was going on. But it got rectified.”

Home Security Helps You Feel Safe

“Since having the system, I feel a lot better, very safe and comfortable. The peace of mind is worth what we’re paying, which is not a lot. We also had no problems with the features of the system and I like the key fob, where I don’t have to set the panels. I can just push on and off. I’m happy with the system and I’m very satisfied with Guardian. If somebody is looking for a security system, I would definitely recommend them.”

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