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Home Burglary Statistics for the Most Densely Populated States

Did you know that almost 16 million people experienced property crimes – including burglary, motor vehicle theft and theft – in 2016? Also, only 36% of all property crimes are reported to police. These home burglary statistics come from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, which aggregates crime statistics across the United States every year.

Furthermore, the rate at which these crimes are solved, also known as the clearance rate, is just 18% nationally, suggesting that employing preventative measures and taking a proactive approach to security may be the best way to achieve peace of mind when it comes deterring property crime.

We dove into crime facts at a national and state level, with a focus on home burglaries statistics in particular. Take a look to see how your home state stacks up.

U.S. Burglary Statistics By State Infographic

As you can see, burglaries can happen no matter where you live. The home burglary statistics pulled from the states comparison above shows that states in various areas around the country have high burglary occurrences. Louisiana, North Carolina, Alabama, Washington and South Carolina were ranked as having the top five burglary rates in the country in 2016.

Overall in 2016, 1,515,096 burglaries occurred; that’s one every 20.9 seconds! 15.9 million households experienced a property crime in the U.S. in 2016 which means a lot of families experienced a harrowing and psychologically damaging experience, often in their own home.

Both prevention and response to a potential burglary can be very important. A 2013 survey of over 400 convicted burglars found that 83% of burglars looked for signs of a burglar alarm system when looking for targets and most of those (60%) would be deterred if they found one. Having a home security system and advertising that fact through yard signs makes a difference when it comes to home burglary statistics like these.

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