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5 Pittsburgh Home Security Reviews

Guardian Protection Services is the largest privately-held security system company in the U.S. and we have customers all across the nation. In 1950 Guardian started in the city of Pittsburgh, PA and the area is still one of the areas we service today. See some real 5-star Pittsburgh home security reviews from Guardian customers.

Joyce S.- Pittsburgh, PA

“I liked the way that they treated me from the moment I first called them.

The people that I spoke with explained everything in detail to me and they were very kind. Actually, the salesperson that came out to help me was great. I’m an older person and not really computer savvy so he helped me with every single detail of the thing. He was just the kindest and most helpful person I’ve talked to. I feel secure with it.”
Hannah- Hickory, PA

“I liked the fact that their technicians were local.

I had another company in the past, I think they were called Frontpoint or something, where I had to set the whole system up myself and the technicians they did have were not even from our area. In contrast, Guardian Protection had local technicians and they did a really good job explaining everything that I needed to know. I’m not tech savvy, but I’ve been able to use everything and explain it to the people that come to my house. They will rush to do anything that I need them to do and in general they have been really easy to get a hold of. I called them to cancel part of my service, the lock part of the system, because I couldn’t put down the payment for that. They never took any of my information or anything when I called but later on that week I actually got a response from them. They did it for me without asking anymore questions and that was pretty nice.”

Rita – Pittsburgh, PA

“I previously had a different home security system but I like Guardian Protection better since I have the app on the phone. I’d show it to a friend who would ask about Guardian Protection and he’d really like that.

It’s impressive in that sense. Also their customer service rep was excellent, so not like “You try the tutorial video” and all that. They handled my situation very professionally. Plus the installation was done very well and the installation team was in and out quickly. Guardian’s security equipment is perfect and very easy to use. And I also feel better since the gentleman added sensors in the stained glass doors.”

Kathryn- Pittsburgh, PA

“My parents have always had Guardian for a very long time. Guardian has been reliable for my parents so I went with them in the long run. I contacted them before we even moved in about three months ago and the reps were helpful.

I like the Guardian app especially because I travel a lot for work and so does my husband. We have people stopping by to feed the animals and we are able to see what kind of activity has gone on.

The quality of their equipment is good and none of the alarms have gone off because we haven’t had any incidents. Guardian is easy to use and reliable and I’d definitely recommend them.”

Jeff- Evans City, PA

“We will recommend them.

What made the difference for us was the location of their headquarters relative to where our new house is, for service. They did a good job, and we had a good experience in both installation and sales.

The salesman came to the house, we discussed everything, reviewed all the locations, and then when the serviceman came, we did a very clean install. I can do a lot with my cell phone and my tablets, to view and watch the house, so they are very high tech.”

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