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Looking for Home Security? Your Top Questions, Answered

If you’re looking for home security, you probably have some questions about home security and what you need. There are many different home security providers out there; how can you choose? Here are the top three questions we receive along with our answers.

You can always have your questions answered and get a free quote by calling 1-800-PROTECT (1-800-776-8328).

How does this home security system monitor my home?

When your alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to one of Guardian’s two monitoring centers. Both centers are U.S.-based and open 24/7/365.  Both centers are also Five Diamond certified by The Monitoring Association (TMA), putting Guardian in an elite group of monitoring providers. The highly-trained employees respond in an average of 30 seconds or less and work to notify emergency personnel and contact your emergency contacts. Whether you are at home or away, a Guardian system and our monitoring center work together to help protect your home.

What triggers your alarm? You have the capability to trigger your alarm at any time via your keypad if you are experiencing an emergency. Also, depending on your security devices, your alarm could be triggered by:

  • Burglary- If a door/window sensor, glass break sensor or motion detector are triggered, the monitoring center is notified of a potential burglary.
  • Fire- With a smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide detector trigger, the monitoring center is notified of a potential fire.
  • Panic or Medical emergency- These are triggered by pressing a medical alert button or entering a panic signal from the keypad/panel.

These are the main triggers for an alarm but  having a security system with monitored devices means you don’t have to worry about finding the help you need as quickly as you can because the monitoring center is on-it for you.

Not all security providers have the same standard of monitoring. Some companies use overseas monitoring, monitoring centers that aren’t a certified or operate on a self-monitoring model where you must notify emergency personnel for yourself.

Is this home security system easy to use?

Traditional home security systems don’t necessarily have the best reputation when it comes to ease of use. With Guardian’s interactive system, you can control your system remotely with a simple touch. Using the integration with the Amazon Echo, you can even control many aspects of your system with just your voice. Like most technology in the world, home security is becoming smarter and easier to use every day, to the point that it can easily become a natural, integrated part of your life.

Even more, the new Guardian IQ2 panel is raising the bar making smart home security easier and smarter than ever before. With the IQ2, your security control panel can feel as smart and natural as using a phone or tablet. Also, using Bluetooth, you don’t even have to disarm your system, your security control panel recognizes when your smartphone is in reach and automatically disarms, no hands needed.

Of course if smart technology still seems too difficult and stressful, you can opt for a basic system that is simple, old-school but still helps to protect your home and family reliably. All these options make looking for home security simple.

Can I trust the home security provider?

When you’re looking for home security, you’re probably making an investment for a significant period of time. You won’t want to switch back to a life without the peace of mind of home security once you have it. But you want to make sure the provider you’re working with is trustworthy and that you will have a good experience for many years.  Looking at their experience, awards and accreditations can help you get a sense of a company’s trustworthiness.

Online reviews can also help you get a sense of what customers’ real experiences have been like. It’s important to understand how reviews work and that not every review site is ethical, however if you look at online reviews from several different sources, you can often get a pretty fair picture of what it’s like to be a customer.

Guardian has been a trusted security provider since 1950. We have too many certifications and rankings to list here, but you can find many of them on our website. We’re trusted by over a quarter-million customers and our rankings reflect it! Here are some real reviews from Guardian customers.

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Do you have more questions? You can visit www.GuardianProtection.com or call 1-800-PROTECT (1-800-776-8328).

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