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Home security reviews from Cincinnati, Ohio

Guardian monitors security systems all across the country. As the largest privately-held security system company in the U.S., we have branches in many cities, including Cincinnati, Ohio. Here are some recent reviews from our customers in Ohio.

Been a customer for a year…

We are well pleased with price, service and [monitoring] by Guardian! Highly Recommend!

Larry F., Painesville OH

Guardian was connected to our builder and we had experience with them.

We had them in Texas for six years before we moved to Ohio. The salesperson was very knowledgeable and he took us through all the features that were available and made himself available if we had a question. The installation though was a little strange but it went okay. It worked but it wasn’t quite right.

The system features are great but we don’t use it extensively. We set it at night and sometimes when we leave. We used it more in Texas than we do in Ohio as there’s a little more crime in Texas. Back in Texas when we needed to troubleshoot, we always got prompt service and they seemed to know what they were talking about because they fixed our problem. We feel pretty secure with Guardian and I’d recommend them.

Johnnie C., Bellbrook, OH

I like Guardian very much.

We had a new build and Guardian was what we were acquiring. Guardian did their own installation and their rep was very nice and knowledgeable. There was a walk through wherein he told me how everything worked, and he did a great job. I love the features on the system, the in-home music, the app on my phone so I can control stuff on my phone like arm it from the road, as well as the front door camera. I really like it. I like knowing that we’ve got cameras and that if we would need it then we have the documentation. My husband works out-of-town sometimes, so I have that extra coverage for when he’s not here. With the world today, you never know, and it’s nice to know that if anything would go down, stuff are in place and we’ve got everything covered.

Jessica G
Massillon, OH

Guardian Protection Services is a lot better than the system I had and a lot more simplified.

When the sales rep came, he told me about the steps and the process but I wasn’t expecting to get hit with a bill four days after my estimation and so I called customer service. The interaction with the customer service rep went well and how the billing cycle works was explained to me. I had two cameras installed and the main board and the installation was pretty cool which took them only three hours. They sorted what the old system was and even removed the old mainframe. The technicians were excellent and professional. They told me what they needed to do, what they were doing, why they were doing it and explained to me how it works.

I like the features and I can turn my garage open and closed because I’ve seen that when I was playing with the mobile app. The smartphone features are pretty neat and I can monitor who’s coming in and out without a major fuss about it. They give me a notification that it’s been armed and disarmed but I don’t really need one every time somebody opens or closes a door or what passed in the sensor. Still, it’s good and I like it very much. My wife loves it also because I have two relatives that live close by and they’d stop and so she can tell that I ain’t there when I didn’t open the door. If I have friends looking into home security, I would tell them that it’s a very simple system to use and real secure.

Brian G., Akron, OH

I had Guardian in my old home.

My account manager, who I was dealing with, was incredibly responsive. He worked to get me the equipment and the installation that I needed. I was building a new home and I never had any issues if I needed to add anything. He was definitely on top of it and helped me get exactly what I needed. The customer service went a long, long way as well. My sales rep went over and beyond to get our business. She was fantastic and amazing. I even have her number where I would call her for about anything. I got a call one day that somebody was coming out to do the final installation. We had scheduled that day and then I had to cancel because we weren’t ready for it yet. And for some reason, it didn’t get through the technician but he was heading out here. I got the voicemail and I’m trying to figure out who to call quickly. I called the rep, she handled it and got me rescheduled for the right time.

The installation was also fine. The installers came out and hard wired the home before the drywall got put in. And then they had to come back out and activate the system after the drywall. We’ve had a couple of minor issues where a contact fell off on one window and another one fell off or it never got put on. Regardless, when I called them, Guardian sent me the two contacts and then no other questions asked.

Also, the features of the system are great. We love the app. We love the ability to set my alarm whether I’m home or not. My only request or suggestion would be, and they may have this now, but I know that other security companies have the option to do the smart home. Having Alexa and Echo upgradeable to arm your alarm of the smart home system would be an advantage. Nevertheless, the overall functionality of the system is great. I feel secure. It’s funny because it’s potentially a little bit more sensitive which I like. I have a window break sensor in one of my windows in the bathroom. Not that it goes off, but I can hear the beep sometimes when the cabinet door is shoved a little harder. It breaks that sensor but there are no issues. It just took me a moment to figure out what that was.

Larissa H., New Richmond, OH

Guardian Protection’s sales team was great.

They weren’t pushy and overselling their product. They met us and told us everything that was available and that they could do. They asked what we were looking for and they got the stuff that we wanted. It was great. The installer was awesome. He came in, got everything hooked up, and walked us through everything.

The quality of the equipment is good and I like the smartphone features. They’re very convenient. There’s only been one time where we left the house and I went on my phone to the app and armed it, and then later in the day, I went to disarm it before we got home and it said, “Disarmed already”. I’m not sure if I just hit the button or if it wasn’t responding when I did it the first time and I hit it twice, so it armed it and disarmed right away. Other than that, although I’m still trying to figure everything out, like when I want to use stuff or when I don’t, and I would have liked it if we could customize it a little bit more instead of just get what was offered, the system’s features are good. I don’t really worry about anything anymore. There’s a construction going on around the house too, but I’m not really worried about any of the workers doing anything.

Michael B., Brunswick,OH

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