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6 Ways Smart Home Security Helps Protect You That You Didn’t Know

When you purchase a monitored smart home security system, you’re provided with peace of mind knowing that your property is monitored at all times your system is active.

You also know that most home security systems have a lot of features to help protect you such as: video surveillance, motion sensors, heat sensors, fire sensors, smart sensors, smart home connected devices etc. but here are some other ways that a smart home security system helps protect you that you might not have considered.

1. Security for Unwatched Areas of Your Property

It’s obviously of paramount importance to make sure that the most heavily trafficked areas of your house are secured, but burglars don’t always walk through the front door. Areas like your basement, garage, attic or even areas of your yard such as your back porch, property lines, your tool shed or forest line, if you live in a heavily wooded area, can have 24/7 video surveillance with a smart home security system through Guardian. You can keep an eye on places you rarely use in and around your home to help catch any unwanted intruders.

Not only can cameras help you keep tabs on less frequently used areas of the household, but you can also use smart sensors to keep track of points of entry such as doors and windows in the basement or the garage, as well as monitor doors to safes, cabinets, dressers and tool chests where you keep valuables.

2. Smart Devices Work Together to Help Protect You from Fires and Burglars

Z-Wave Smart Thermostats can be programmed to work with your smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors to turn off whento heat fluctuations, smoke build-up and the presence of carbon monoxide are detected. They also help you to reduce your energy consumption. To scare away would-be burglars, you can also use smart devices with the IQ2 Guardian smart panel and program automation schedules to turn on your lights, TV and music when you’re busy at work or on vacation to give the appearance that your home is active and occupied.

3. Smart Home Security Systems Help Protect Your Pets

If your pet is alone at home while you’re at work, video security can be very helpful when it comes to making sure your pet is safe and sound. Some video units come with audio output so you can not only look in on your fury friend, but talk and interact with your pet as well.

What’s more, smart sensors can alert you if your dog or cat has escaped. With the ASPCA reporting that 15% of pet owners had a pet runaway in the last five years, smart sensors on your doors and windows can be another great way of making sure your pet doesn’t have an easy way to run off through an open door or window.

And in the event of a fire, you can also get a pet alert window cling so firefighters know to watch out for your pet. Guardian provides these pet clings for free!

Learn more about Home Security and Your Pets.

4. Video Security Helps Identify and Capture Crooks

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Video surveillance is a powerful tool that can help lead to the capture of criminals. Video footage from a department store security camera helped police capture the Boston Marathon Bomber. In other large-scale examples, research by the Urban Institute evaluating the use of public surveillance cameras for crime control and prevention found that places where cameras were sufficiently concentrated and routinely monitored was not only cost-beneficial but also had a significant impact in reducing crime. Imagine what video security could do for your home. In a study conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to test the effectiveness of HD Video Doorbells, the neighborhood with doorbell cameras saw a 50% reduction in burglaries compared to the neighborhood without video security.

Not only does HD video surveillance show you who may be prowling around your home, but a streaming video recorder can store all your video recordings so you can provide evidence to the police in the event of a trespassing or attempted break-in.

5. Multi-Layered Deterrents with Monitored Assistance

Having an award-winning, professionally monitored smart home security system at your disposal means you have someone watching over you and your loved ones and what you hold valuable 24/7 365. Couple that with all the different security devices Guardian offers, and you have what security experts refer to as multi-layered deterrents. The harder you make it for burglars to enter your house, the more likely it is that they won’t target your home. If your security system is Armed and if a burglar were to make the mistake of entering and intruding upon a secured zone, the siren would immediately sound and Guardian’s monitoring center experts would  initiate a response in an average of 30 seconds or less.

Burglars take about five minutes to loot a home, according to a panel of ex-cons. The faster a burglar can snatch and grab, the better, but if a home has multiple security measures, alarms, motion sensor lights, and video cameras in plain view, burglars will run away with their tail between their legs, especially if they believe the police are not far behind them whenever an alarm is triggered.

6. Security Systems Help Protect Your Neighborhood

Speaking of deterrents, a neighborhood with houses that have alarm systems are better at keeping burglars away. A 2013 study to understand decisions to burglarize from the offender’s perspective  was conducted by the University of North Carolina Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology. What the study found was that 60% of surveyed, convicted burglars admitted that evidence of a home alarm system would be a deterrent, causing them to seek another target. A study in the Journal of Criminal Justice that analyzed burglar alarms and the choice behavior of burglars addressed the question of why some homes in a community are more likely to become targets for burglary. What the study found is that homes with alarm systems reduced the victimization rate. In other words, the homes with alarms deterred would-be burglars.

Learn more about how Guardian can help protect you, or call 1-800-PROTECT (1-800-776-8328).

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