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5-Star Home Security Reviews From Texas

Guardian Protection Services has two branch offices in Texas, in Austin and San Antonio. As the largest privately-held security systems company in the U.S., we monitor accounts all over the country, including across Texas. Here are some customer experiences from across the Lone Star State.

I feel safer during the day when nobody is here…

“When I bought the house, it already had a doorbell camera from Guardian Protection Services installed. I figured it would save money on the installation to deal with them. And as I looked them up online, they seemed to be good. Their rep was super knowledgeable and really friendly. I ended up misunderstanding something about the permit that you have to send to the sheriff’s department when you get an alarm and I thought they were paying for it. I misunderstood what she was saying but she gave me a $25 credit towards our bill submitted even though she didn’t have to. And I thought that was cool. A guy was at my house for four hours because I had gotten cameras put up and we had a hard time getting them put in. He was good.

The system’s features are cool. On my doorbell camera, you can set it so that if something comes within 30 feet, 15 feet, 10 feet or 5 feet, it will start recording. The equipment seems to have good quality and the touchpad control panel seems sturdy. I bought the system because I have a lot of musical equipment here. With it, I feel safer during the day when nobody is here. I’d tell others to go for Guardian Protection.”

Morgan A.
Round Rock, TX

Guardian Protection Service was recommended by our home builder…

“When Guardian came to install the garage door deal, one of the guys that installed it was a lot of help. He knew all the information about the system and he was very nice. He showed me how to use the system. He also showed me how to set it up on my phone. The smartphone features are cool. I like that I can use the app for the garage door opener and set the alarm. I love the system’s features. They are very easy to use and set up. The system’s quality seems very high-tech as well. I’ve already recommended Guardian Protection Services to a friend.”

Travis M.
Helotes, TX

We sleep easier at night now…

“When we moved into the house in Pflugerville, there was a rep that came to our house and explained the whole Guardian Protection Services. The sales and customer service representatives at Guardian have been great and easy to contact. Kevin helped me move the service that I had at the house over in Pflugerville over to the current house with little to hardly any cost and no headaches. He helped me disable the monitoring for the old house and activate it in the new house and it’s been wonderful working with him. We love the features in the system. We didn’t have the glass break and because we live out in the country sometimes, we get vacationers coming out there to the lake and we live close to the lake. So, we wanted some extra security and the technician explained everything, and he was very informative and convinced us to add that feature in.

We’re very pleased with how our Guardian is. The technician and everybody else has helped us out. The security equipment is sturdy. It hasn’t failed on us and it’s very easy to use. I use the smartphone features all the time and they’re very intuitive, very easy, and no hassle. We sleep easier at night now. I would like to let everybody know I’m thankful for Guardian’s service and for working with us and making us feel safer.”

Frank S.
Lago Vista, TX

…I had read some things that there was a lot of crime here, so I was really nervous about it…

“We had a security system before but we didn’t get a plan for it for somebody to monitor it. We could set it and it would make a little noise if somebody was to open that door. But then after a period of time, it didn’t work anymore. We moved from California to Texas and I had read some things that there was a lot of crime here, so I was really nervous about it. KB Homes was working with Guardian when we built the home, and Guardian was going to put in the outlets for the cable and they do that in spring. So, we had the opportunity to talk to the representative. My husband looked into ADT and Guardian and compared them, and we went with Guardian since it was easier. They had him go to the studio to make all of the selections, which was convenient. Because I’m in a different place now, having Guardian makes a difference.

The installer was really good. He was very patient. We could see him and what he was doing, and before he left, he made sure I understood everything and went through it. He also helped me with the app on my phone.”

Pamela W.
San Antonio, TX

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