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Ask Guardian: Why Aren’t Prices on Your Website?

  We know that many people are used to buying anything via the internet, so it can be strange to visit a website without pricing or the option to buy. In fact, 79 percent of U.S. consumers shop online according to a Pew Research Study.  Some home security sites, especially those offering  DIY systems, allow you to purchase home security devices from their websites, but you can’t do that at GuardianProtection.com. Why is that? Because we believe in more comprehensive home security options and security systems that give you what you expect. Learn why you’ll see information about getting a “free home security quote” on Guardian’s website instead.

Everyone’s Home Is Different

When you know what you need, it’s easy to buy online. If you know your size, you can buy clothing and if you are familiar with a brand of appliance, you can easily purchase it. But many online shoppers have also experienced the uncertainty of not knowing what they’re going to get and the disappointment of not getting what they expected. Security is personal. When it comes to home security, the particulars of your home play a large part in what devices you need and how easy/difficult they will be to install. The layout, number of windows and doors, and other security risks are factors that affect how security technology will work, the types of devices you need and the best method to place and install each one of them.

Benefits of Talking to an Expert

When you buy home security from Guardian, you get to talk to one of our experts first. That might seem kind of old-fashioned, and yes, this practice started back in the day when looking for home security meant meeting with a consultant in your home to discuss any needs and challenges, but it actually has important benefits for you. While in days past,  equipment required extensive wiring that dictated cost and effectiveness, today’s  home security devices are wireless or minimally wired, and have countless options that can make the difference between getting exactly what you hope for and having an underwhelming, under-functioning system.  We still talk to our potential customers about their wants and needs and expectations. Home security and smart home technology can be confusing and sometimes complex. When you talk to an expert, you can learn how your system would work in your home and for your personal life. You’ll also get a free home security quote after the assessment of an expert so you know the prices reflect what you actually want and need.

Why Get a Free Home Security Quote?

After you talk to a Guardian expert about your needs and interests, they will put together a personalized free home security quote. They often include several options so that you can choose what fits in your budget and lifestyle.  You can take some time to think about it; every quote is no obligation. The other benefit of getting a free quote is that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your hard-earned money. You can do the quote process in-person or over the phone, allowing you flexibility while still making sure the process is comprehensive and personalized.

When You See Prices Online

The last thing to remember is that when you see prices for services like home security online, you need to be cautious about pricing. Usually any sort of special offer will come with some terms and conditions. Make sure to read any fine print you see to get a fuller vision of the pricing. Pay attention to any equipment pricing, installation costs and monthly costs. It’s also important to note that some special pricing only exists for a certain time period. Ask how long you can keep the pricing before it can be increased. A free home security quote from Guardian will detail all these factors so you can make the best decision for you.
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  1. TRENA MARIE DOUSE June 9, 2019 at 11:24 pm - Reply

    Radio Thermostat on & off line since my network update
    Any ideas of how to reconfigure network status thru guardian online home account or thru my guardian account via alarm.com

    • Nate Dodd June 25, 2019 at 2:29 pm - Reply

      Hi Trena,

      If you are still having issues please reach us at 1-800-PROTECT to troubleshoot.

      Thank you,
      Nathan D
      Customer Satisfaction Advocate

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