Playground Safety Tips You Need To Know

Going to the playground, whether it is in your backyard or somewhere in your community, is a great way for kids to get outdoors and play. Playgrounds can be places of healthy exercise, creative play and socialization. However, about 200,000 kids go to the ER annually because of a playground related injury according to  Making a couple of safety choices now will allow the … Continue reading Playground Safety Tips You Need To Know

Prepare for Spring Storms

Spring is known for unexpected and severe weather. From tornados to thunderstorms and potential flooding, it’s time to get prepared in case a storm strikes where you are. Being aware of what’s coming and taking the necessary steps to protect yourself are both very important steps. There are many ways you can be made aware of oncoming storms. Most smartphones have weather alerts that come … Continue reading Prepare for Spring Storms

3 Areas Where You Need A Smart Sensor

Smart Sensors are often underappreciated in home security systems. Sensors are very important but they aren’t limited to just doors and windows. Smart Sensors can allow you to personalize your system to help protect certain areas or items so that you know when those areas are opened, whenever they are opened. Here are a couple of areas that can benefit from a Smart Sensor. Personal … Continue reading 3 Areas Where You Need A Smart Sensor

What You Need To Know: Poison Prevention

Did you know that almost all poisonings happen in the home? According to statistics cited on the Poison Help’s website, more than 90% of the time, this is the case. The rooms where poisonings are most likely to occur are the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. This is why every March, National Poison Prevention Week occurs. It’s important to be aware of how to prevent poisoning … Continue reading What You Need To Know: Poison Prevention

New Year Resolutions for a Safer Family

With a new year often come resolutions. Many people focus on personal goals, but there are awesome resolutions you can make with your family to promote a safer, more peaceful year. It’s always good to have goals, especially when you have great resources to help you make them a reality. These ideas aren’t very difficult, but can have a great impact on your family’s life. … Continue reading New Year Resolutions for a Safer Family

Take Part in Preventing Crime

For nearly 30 years, October has been recognized as “National Crime Prevention Month”.  Started by the National Crime Prevention Council, this month focuses on promoting awareness of varieties of criminal offenses. For the next month, and all year long, we need to celebrate law enforcement and other individuals who proactively prevent crime. Guardian Protection Services would like to do its part in educating the public, … Continue reading Take Part in Preventing Crime

Backpack Safety: What You Need To Know

A backpack is an essential part of any school child’s life, but how much do you know about using a backpack safely? If your children’s bags are stuffed full of heavy supplies/ textbooks, they might be causing health problems including back or shoulder pain and poor posture. If your child complains about the weight, is experiencing numbness or tingling, or visibly struggles while picking up … Continue reading Backpack Safety: What You Need To Know

National Preparedness Month 2016

National Preparedness Month is a time to brush up on your preparedness for emergencies. It’s almost the end of September but it’s not too late! This year’s theme is focusing on the ways in which you should be prepared for any number of emergencies. Following the hashtag #NatlPrep will allow you to keep up with tips all month long. is encouraging us to focus on … Continue reading National Preparedness Month 2016

Avoid the Sock Drawer And Other Predictable Clichés

Are you hiding your valuables in the sock drawer or freezer? If everyone knows that idea, it’s likely most burglars will also predict these spots. It turns out that some of the conventional wisdom and clichés about home security could be making you an easier target for burglars. Consider the following tips to prevent yourself from being too predictable. Instead of the sock drawer, use … Continue reading Avoid the Sock Drawer And Other Predictable Clichés