Don’t Let Fireworks Ruin the Fun

Fireworks are synonymous with summer celebrations. One celebration that is specifically called to mind is the Fourth of July. On average, 200 people go to the emergency room with firework injuries on the days surrounding America’s birthday. If you plan on enjoying amateur-fireworks with friends and family, then please take the time to read these safety tips: Never allow young children to play with fireworks. … Continue reading Don’t Let Fireworks Ruin the Fun

Home Safety: Time Is of the Essence

Home should be a place where you feel safe, but unfortunately it can be full of hazards you’ve never considered. It is estimated that 28.1 million emergency room visits are caused by unintentional injuries each year and result in 136,053 deaths.  Of the top seven causes of unintentional injury and death, five could occur in your home. What are the top seven causes of unintentional … Continue reading Home Safety: Time Is of the Essence

National Missing Children’s Day 2017

National Missing Children’s Day occurs on May 25 as a reminder of everyone’s role to help locate and recover children. It also offers hope to families who are waiting and searching for their lost children. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) suggests 4 steps to get involved in advocacy for missing children today and every day. As a part of the “Picture … Continue reading National Missing Children’s Day 2017

How to Find Local Crime Stats

If you’re considering moving to a new place or just want to assess the safety of your neighborhood, local crime stats can be helpful for your decision making. How do you find accurate stats for where you live? It doesn’t hurt to call your local police department to inquire about local crime, but you can also start with some internet resources. Here are some of … Continue reading How to Find Local Crime Stats

Know the Signs of Stroke

May is Stroke Awareness month. Time is of the essence when you or someone you care about is having a stroke, so it’s important to know all the early signs and not just the standard ones. If someone near you has these signs/symptoms, call 911 immediately, or press the emergency  button on your medical alert pendant or  home security system keypad. Numbness, weakness, or slackening … Continue reading Know the Signs of Stroke

Playground Safety Tips You Need To Know

Going to the playground, whether it is in your backyard or somewhere in your community, is a great way for kids to get outdoors and play. Playgrounds can be places of healthy exercise, creative play and socialization. However, about 200,000 kids go to the ER annually because of a playground related injury according to  Making a couple of safety choices now will allow the … Continue reading Playground Safety Tips You Need To Know

Prepare for Spring Storms

Spring is known for unexpected and severe weather. From tornados to thunderstorms and potential flooding, it’s time to get prepared in case a storm strikes where you are. Being aware of what’s coming and taking the necessary steps to protect yourself are both very important steps. There are many ways you can be made aware of oncoming storms. Most smartphones have weather alerts that come … Continue reading Prepare for Spring Storms

3 Areas Where You Need A Smart Sensor

Smart Sensors are often underappreciated in home security systems. Sensors are very important but they aren’t limited to just doors and windows. Smart Sensors can allow you to personalize your system to help protect certain areas or items so that you know when those areas are opened, whenever they are opened. Here are a couple of areas that can benefit from a Smart Sensor. Personal … Continue reading 3 Areas Where You Need A Smart Sensor