What’s In Your “Relax” Scene

Did you know it’s National Relaxation Day? At Guardian, we’re all about giving you the conveniences and peace of mind you need to truly relax.  One of our handiest tools for those trying to relax more often is the Scenes feature in the app. You can set up Scenes for any time of day or activity to automate certain actions with the touch of a … Continue reading What’s In Your “Relax” Scene

Benefits of a Keyless Lock

A keyless lock can provide more than just convenience for your life, it can also help you boost your home’s security. If having a keypad at your door rather than a traditional lock seems like a luxury rather than a necessity, you’d be surprised how practical a keyless lock could be for you. Convenience and Safety- With a keyless lock you don’t have to carry … Continue reading Benefits of a Keyless Lock

The HD Video Doorbell Just Got Slim

One of the coolest new devices Guardian offers is the HD Video Doorbell. From seeing your packages be delivered to answering the door via smartphone, to catching a porch pirate, this layer of video security at the front door gives you so many options. We’re now offering a newly redesigned version of the HD Video Doorbell that is a better fit for many homes. With … Continue reading The HD Video Doorbell Just Got Slim

Guardian How-To: Set Up Geo-Services

Taking your smart home to the next level is easier than you might think. Setting up a geo-fence allows you to receive automated notifications based on your location. These can serve as an important reminder if you forgot to do something like lock your door, close the garage door or not arm your security system. The first step is to create a geo-fence around your … Continue reading Guardian How-To: Set Up Geo-Services

What To Do If You Get A Weather Alert on Your Keypad

Did you know that your security system keypad might have a weather alert feature? Just like you probably are notified of extreme weather on your smartphone, your security keypad may also offer you a similar notification. If it has this feature built-in, your keypad will emit a tone denoting that the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a severe weather warning in your area.  Becoming … Continue reading What To Do If You Get A Weather Alert on Your Keypad

Ways to Use Notifications To Your Benefit

Many apps on your smartphone send you alerts. Sometimes they’re very valuable. For instance,  you want to know if you got a text that you need to see or a weather alert text telling you that a major storm is coming. Other times, notifications can drive you crazy and you just start to ignore them. Overall  however, notifications can be pretty handy and can offer … Continue reading Ways to Use Notifications To Your Benefit

Enable the Guardian Skill for the Amazon Echo

Guardian Protection now has a “skill” for the Amazon Echo. What does that mean? You can ask Alexa to help you out by “asking Guardian” to operate certain features of your security system for you or to check the status of some aspects of your Guardian system.  Setting up the Guardian Skill takes four steps if you already use the Guardian App. Install Your Alexa-Enabled … Continue reading Enable the Guardian Skill for the Amazon Echo

Creative Smart Home Tricks

Smart homes provide many ways to make your life more convenient and functional, but if you are just using your devices at the base level they’re set up for, you’re missing out on some opportunities to truly personalize your system for your needs. Use a light module to control decorative lighting- The holiday season might be over for this year, but that doesn’t mean you … Continue reading Creative Smart Home Tricks

New Year- New Technology

A new year provides many new opportunities to improve your life. If you’ve been enjoying the peace of mind a home security system can provide for a couple of years, a new year might be the perfect time to add- on to make your system smarter and more intuitive. One of the great things about Guardian’s home security and smart home options is that you … Continue reading New Year- New Technology