#TestimonialTuesday Roundup

Here are some stories we’ve shared recently for #TestimonialTuesday from Guardian customers. We love to share snippets of customers’ stories but we thought you might like to read some of our their full true stories. All of these stories have been shared on the independent review site, Consumer Affairs. Tim D., California “We bought a new house. I work sometimes overnight or out of town … Continue reading #TestimonialTuesday Roundup

Guardian Files: A Storm Is Coming

Everyone in the house was sleeping soundly in Ciegi’s home, unaware that a storm was coming. But it wasn’t any old storm. It was a tornado travelling with 100+ mph winds and it was within 20 miles of their home. Ciegi’s family was awakened in plenty of time to move to the basement and improve their safety. But they weren’t alerted to this tornado in … Continue reading Guardian Files: A Storm Is Coming

Guardian Files: Heart Attack At Home

Natalie was just resting on the couch. Though she had a heart blockage and other health issues, she never expected to experience the most debilitating pain she’d ever felt. She couldn’t breathe or comprehend what was happening. It was a heart attack. Before attempting to call 911, she pressed her medical pendant. As she tried to talk to the 911 dispatcher through her suffering, the … Continue reading Guardian Files: Heart Attack At Home

Guardian Files: Fire When Home Alone

Imagine that your 14 year old daughter is home alone. She’s busily doing other stuff and is pretty oblivious to what else is happening in the house. Usually, that’s ok, but today the house was on fire. She didn’t have a clue. By the time the fire trucks arrived on scene, the whole side of the house was on fire! Luckily, Virgil’s daughter had gotten … Continue reading Guardian Files: Fire When Home Alone

Guardian Files: Burglar at the Door

It was getting late one night, a little after 11 p.m. and though all was quiet in the house, Marian’s dog was acting up. Though she was ready for bed, she decided to look out the window. She never expected what would happen next. There was a man’s face in the window looking at her! She was frozen in fear not knowing who this man … Continue reading Guardian Files: Burglar at the Door

Welcome to the Guardian Files

Sure, ghosts, zombies and clowns can be pretty spooky and as we get closer and closer to Halloween, we are surrounded by haunted houses, horror movies and scary stories told in the dark. At Guardian, what we find truly scary is what can happen to people’s homes and families in a split second. A burglary happened once every 18 seconds on average in the U.S. … Continue reading Welcome to the Guardian Files

Peace of Mind You Can Count On

One of our customers recently shared a story about how her family decided to make the switch from one of our competitors to Guardian. We had ADT for more than 10 years. We didn’t know that our home was not being monitored properly. When we switched from landline to cellular, we contacted ADT and asked for instructions. Given the list of things to do, we … Continue reading Peace of Mind You Can Count On

Guardian Warns Against Weather

Because they were warned about the tornado by their Guardian alarm system, they were able to act quickly. When Ciegi’s peaceful sleep was interrupted by an alarm tone from her Guardian security system, it caused a bit of panic. Almost immediately, however, she recognized the tone was different than the burglary alarm.  She inquired at the keypad and noticed it said “weather alert”. Ciegi, who … Continue reading Guardian Warns Against Weather

Guardian Is A Family Affair

Our customers have an opportunity to share their stories  with Guardian. Recently a local customer shared this account about how Guardian Protection Services has been a family affair. Our previous home was broken into twice. Shortly afterwards, we moved to our current home. When our three children became old enough to come home after school and be alone for an hour or so, they remembered … Continue reading Guardian Is A Family Affair