Top 4 Home Security Changes in 2017

Smart home security is a highly evolving field and some significant updates happened in 2017. Smart home technology and automation have continued to be an important and growing part of home security in the past year. Companies like Amazon and Google have been a part of driving some tech advantages for security providers over the past couple of years.  At Guardian we strive to grow … Continue reading Top 4 Home Security Changes in 2017

How to Test Your System (And Why You Should)

It is recommended that you test your system once a month. Remodeling or renovating your home or making changes to your telephone landline/internet/ broadband service can impact your security system, so it’s best to always test after any of these things occur. Also, before going on vacation, testing your system can help you have peace of mind before you leave. Testing allows you to check … Continue reading How to Test Your System (And Why You Should)

Holiday Fire Risks and How to Avoid Them

Nobody wants to have their holidays ruined by a fire in the home. With the increased use of lighting and cameras and the possible presence of a drying tree in your home, the fire risks around the holidays are a little different than usual. 1 in 3 Christmas Tree Fires Are Caused by Electrical Problems Inspect holiday lights for any defects in the wiring and … Continue reading Holiday Fire Risks and How to Avoid Them

Online Shopping Safety

Online shopping can make your holidays much easier. You can basically shop for anyone on your list from anywhere you have a mobile device and internet access. Online shopping can also allow you to cross-reference prices and score extra coupon codes to get the best deal. When you’re shopping online, there are some safety considerations that can help you receive your order safely and without … Continue reading Online Shopping Safety

Four True Guardian Stories

Curious what it is like to be a Guardian customers? Here are 4 recent true stories that are our real happy customers from across the country have shared online on places like Consumer Affairs and Facebook. Read their actual experiences and if you’d like to start your own home security journey, you can visit Larry W., Indiana  “Guardian was recommended by our daughter and … Continue reading Four True Guardian Stories

Gifts that Promote Peace of Mind

During the busy holiday season life can gets hectic and stressful. It can be hard to pick gifts for people when you’re trying to select something meaningful but you’re limited on time and sometimes, money. No one wants their gifts to be re-gifted, returned or tossed away. Consider trying to give presents that add peace of mind to a person’s life. Here are some ideas: … Continue reading Gifts that Promote Peace of Mind

Guardian Can Help Protect Small Businesses

You don’t need a huge budget to help secure your small business. Whether you’re running a family owned shop, a restaurant or a professional office, we have options to help you secure your pride and joy.  We can tailor a system to your specific needs, which are often somewhere between the needs of a single-family home and large commercial operation. New security technology can make … Continue reading Guardian Can Help Protect Small Businesses

Guardian Gives Back During the Holidays

Guardian is dedicated to giving back all year long, but it becomes a particular focus around the holiday season. November and December are filled with many opportunities for employees to contribute to charitable causes. Many individual departments and branches hold their own charitable giving events, but the corporate office traditionally focuses on three giving opportunities during the holidays. Jeans For Beans– Employees can wear jeans … Continue reading Guardian Gives Back During the Holidays

Help Protect Yourself From Porch Pirates

You may have heard more recently about a new kind of thief called Porch Pirates. These thieves steal packages from your front door, which has become easier than ever because of the popularity of online shopping. Companies like Amazon have taken precautions to prevent this; they now send you a picture of your package on your porch at delivery. They’ve also introduced a controversial program … Continue reading Help Protect Yourself From Porch Pirates